Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Mumm Champagne presents “How will You Begin?” featuring Hong Kong TV artist Dickson Yu

Mumm is delighted to present a brand-new global campaign, “How will you begin?” in 2021. With 2020 coming to a close, Maison Mumm is thrilled to haveHong Kong TV artist Dickson Yu, celebrating new beginnings in 2021. Mumm is here to celebrate with Dickson who fully lives by the maxim “It is not about where you end, but how you begin.”
The former Hong Kong swimmer and aspiring artist, Dickson Yu Tak Shing, gained a new perspective on life and embarks on a brand-new journey after surviving a critical medical condition. This unfortunate experience taught him to become a better version of himself, to try new things that he would have tried if he hadn’t previously lacked the courage and to cherish every opportunity he comes across. Yet, the most important thing he has learned is to appreciate and celebrate every new beginning and not take things for granted.

Dickson embraces this idea and started to step out of his comfort zone to create new beginnings for himself as he realizes that tomorrow is not a given. He was recently crowned as the “Best Emcee” in the TVB Awards Presentation ceremony 2019. He has been managing a lot of major TV shows, including the 2016 Olympic games, TVB Anniversary Gala Shows, and even taken part in roles in TV drama series. 

True to its origins, Mumm has always and continues to celebrate new journeys and seeking for new challenges.

“Today, more than ever, brands must understand the context we are living,” says Miguel A. Pascual Nombela, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard: “We want to connect emotionally with our consumers in Hong Kong sending an optimistic message. Nothing in life really lasts forever. There is always a new opportunity to begin and we all deserve to celebrate with a glass of Mumm Champagne”.

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