Thursday, November 5, 2020

Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir

We are one of just a few wineries in all of Sonoma County who craft our own sparkling wine in house. The words “grown, produced and bottled” make a difference particularly with sparkling wine.

Lovely pink rose color. Light bright and crisp nose with hints of raspberry. The palate hits with crisp minerality and lemon followed by wild red cherry and raspberry.


Dark cherry, floral sage, tart, yet ripe cran cherry sum up the loveliness in this bottle.




Each year we craft about 100 cases of our sparkling Pinot noir growing on the Winery property. Pressed off the skins after cold soaking in the press for three hours, the sparkling wine was made in the traditional method.

[The above information courtesy of the Harvest Moon Winery website. See more about their sparkling wine offerings as well as all of their wines at]

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