Sunday, October 4, 2020

The new wine language: a simpler concept | Madelyne Meyer | TEDxZurich

The wine world can seem extremely exclusive, expensive, refined and almost elite. So Madelyne Meyer made it her mission to simplify wine communication. Wouldn’t it be easier and just a little bit more fun if we ordered a glass of wine that had a sweetness level of a HEINZ ketchup than ordering an off-dry wine? Swiss wine expert Meyer does not only want to simplify wine language, but also create a more light-hearted wine world. How she does it? Listen to her talk! Madelyne Meyer approaches people to wine in an unconventional way. With her website "Edvin." she conveys basic wine knowledge through videos and illustrations. Meyer started her wine journey in California, where she worked for 2 wineries. Subsequently the half Swiss half American moved to Bordeaux where she studied Wine Marketing and Management and interned for a wine merchant. Today she is the head of Marketing & Communication at Weinkellereien Aarau and passionately develops Edvin: A source for wine knowledge. Ignoring all wine rules. 

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