Thursday, April 30, 2020

Napa Valley Winemaker Michael Trujillo | Trujillo Wines

From the Colorado Rockies to the Napa Valley, this talented winemaker has been wringing amazing wines since the eighties.  And now he has launched his own brand.  Meet Trujillo Wines Founder, Michael Trujillo.

Michael grew up in Colorado.  After high school, he went to school in Northwestern Colorado. Being a farm boy, he didn't feel destined to become a doctor or a brain surgeon.  He loved building and creating things with his hands.  So engineering was the direction for him. With a mathematical brain where architecture and engineering weaved together.  On a road trip with a bunch of buddies, they headed West for no other reason than to hit the ocean.  You get a bunch of farm boys that show up in Huntington Beach, LA and it was quite overwhelming.  We pull into Sequoia Grove in 1981, I was a junior in college, big hair, flannel shirts.  Jim Allen welcomed us with open arms.  Being farm kids, we all helped Jim establish and build the winery. WE worked like oxen.  That evening his wife put together this beautiful spread under the stars out on the lawn.  It was just like you'd see on tv.  This Napa Valley life.  I called my mom and said I just want to take one semester off.  Take a little more dose of this California thing, I like it. Well, 37 years later, I'm still taking that semester off. 

I didn't grow up with a wine culture.  In Colorado, we grew a lot of barley for Coors beer.  I grew up in a beer, whiskey sort of culture.  Fine wine wasn't in my veins.  Through the help of Jim Allen, my first job in California was established in a vineyard which is today Domaine Carneros.  Back in those days, it was all pasture,  all cattle.  His mentor is AndrĂ© Tchelistcheff.  Michael started working with him in the vineyard.

Fast forward a year or two, more of those dinners under the stars, enthralled by the Napa Valley lifestyle.  Drinking wine. Trying wine.  And he just got bit. 

He was one of the first winemakers to take the combination of Rutherford valley fruit and combine it with the spicier, more intense mountain fruit. It became known as the cult wine without the cult price. 

With his projects with Karl Lawrence and Sequoia Grove, he likely made wine from every square mile within Napa Valley.  When it was time for him to go out on his own, he had a vision an idea and dream of exactly what he wanted to do.  He knew which vineyards he wanted to continue working with - and the keyword is "continue". He knew his style.  Very varietal-expressive.  A polished wine.  Not over opulent.  Very focused, very varietal, very fruit-forward.  The texture is rich but not aggressive. 

Cheers to Trujillo Wine.  We have been following Michael Trujillo's decorated winemaking career for years.  When we found out he was launching his own wine brand we absolutely knew we wanted to feature him.  Thank you for your support!

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Monday, April 27, 2020

From Boeing to Napa Valley | Winemaker Chad Angelo of Angelo Cellars

After a successful engineering career with Boeing, Chad Angelo followed his passion for wine and the results have been phenomenal. Meet Angelo Cellars. Chad Angelo went to school in Missouri, where he discovered lots of wineries and first fell in love with wine. After his years at Boeing, he decided he wanted to make wine and headed to Napa Valley to focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, the grape he considers the best in the world. After joining a group that was making wine, he went right to the top and started with To Kalon Vineyard. His first wine, only one barrel, won a double gold medal in San Francisco Int’l wine competition. From there, he worked with a group to find other vineyards and started with a barrel or two each year. He is around 160 cases per year and earned 91pts on his 2010 Private Reserve. His goal is to grow to 300-400 cases max. Chad specializes in Cab Sauvignon but will throw in a Syrah or Zinfandel every once in a while. A self-proclaimed foodie, his wines are ready to drink and food-friendly. He notes that Napa Cabernet is not cheap in any form, but the goal of Angelo Cellars is to make wines you turn to for your special occasions. His winemaking philosophy? Good grapes. Without that, it is not going to work. He also blends Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc with his Cabernet Sauvignon, but in very small percentages to let the Cabernet Sauvignon speak for itself. He is now using new technology to silkscreen his brand new bottles, with copper as the main color. Angelo Cellars has a small clientele base and wants to keep them as the key customer. Chad is not interested in making 100K cases and likes to make wine that from year to year changes. Every year is different and every Cab is different; he wants to baby it and make it something special. And people have come to expect that.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Sonoma Meditation: Quarryhill Botanical Garden

Another wonderful eyes-open meditation for you to enjoy...

Come with us to the hills above Glen Ellen in Sonoma Valley, to the site of an old quarry that has been transformed into an oasis of Asian plants and waterfalls. Listen to the leaves gently rustling in the wind as the water cascades through the pools. Take a moment to really study the brilliant colors of a flowering tree. One of the most exotic and biologically diverse places in Sonoma Valley, Quarryhill is a wild Asian woodland, intentionally not manicured and featuring one of the largest collections of wild-sourced Asian plants in the world. It is also a serene, scenic place for peaceful recreation, open for all to enjoy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Luxury Wine Cave Tasting Experience in Napa's Coombsville | Italics Winegrowers

We get introduced to a lot of wineries at Cellar Angels. Every now and then you have to go and see what all the hype is about! Meet Italics Winegrowers in the heart of Napa Valley's Coombsville AVA. Watch our interview with Founder Ken Martin, General Manager Taylor Martin, and Winemaker Marbue Marke for the story behind Italics Winegrowers and the uniqueness of the Coombsville AVA. With its unbelievable caves, wonderful hospitality and fantastic small-batch wines, Italics Winegrowers is worth the visit.

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Drinking Wine in the Pantry: Sonoma Wines and Your Canned Foods

We're with Paul Giusto of Highway 12 Wines to talk about what to pair with choice foodstuffs from the back of the pantry. Canned jokes, canned food. You know you are staring at that can of tomato paste and wondering what the heck you are supposed to do with it. We don't know. But we do know what to drink with it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tamber Bey Vineyards: Napa Valley Award-Winning Wines and World Class Equestrian Center

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Coveted Napa Valley Estate Wines From Spring Mountain's Schweiger Vineyards

Schweiger Vineyard's mission is to give the consumer the experience of a lifetime every time they visit. Cellar Angels' CEO Martin Cody interviews Co-Founder Fred Schweiger and Winemaker Andy Schweiger to explore the story behind the family's breathtaking estate vineyards on Spring Mountain. Welcome to Cellar Angels, your gateway to a world of wine wanderlust! Become a complimentary Cellar Angels member and enjoy exclusive access to Napa and Sonoma’s highest caliber, limited production wines rarely available in the market while supporting your favorite cause with proceeds from every purchase. Buy Wine Online: *Learn more about Schweiger Vineyards:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Gundlach Bundschu - The Oldest Family-Owned Winery In California

It's hard fitting 160 years of history in a condensed video, but we tried!

For six generations and over 150 years, our family has farmed our Rhinefarm estate vineyard at the crossroads of the Sonoma Valley, Carneros, and Napa Valley appellations. Today, we focus on making small lots of ultra-premium wines from this distinctive and historic property.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Sonoma Meditation: Safari West Wildlife - Lemurs, Flamingos, Cheetah and Some Prickly Porcupines

Shhh... come watch the lemurs of Safari West as they chill out, while some porcupines get prickly with each other and the flamingos do what flamingos do (flamingle?) Stick around for the cheetah - she is our laze-around spirit animal.

WeWine Napa recommends as much peace and serenity as you may find during this challenging time. All our best to you and yours!

Friday, April 3, 2020

WeWine Napa COVID-19 Announcement

Clients and Friends,

Due to the directives issued by Napa County and the state of California in regards to COVID-19,
WeWineNapa is currently closed for tours. We sincerely hope, that you and your Family’s health remains safe and everyone stays healthy as well. Currently, the orders are issued until May 1st. We are hoping that this pandemic will have passed and the Napa Valley wineries can reopen. Should that be the case we are accepting bookings for May and beyond. Should these orders be extended, full refunds will be issued if your tour date is compromised. We are hoping to be open again soon and offering a unique and safe wine tasting experience. We will be offering 10% off for any future tour booked in the month of April. We appreciate your business and support and wish that everyone stays safe.

Jim Gramlich Owner/Operator